The Last Monday of My 20’s

This is the very last Monday of my 20’s… This fact blows my mind a little.  I know where the time has gone.  I have been here in the THICK of life: Learning Growing Stumbling Getting back up again. I want this next decade of my life to be happy, healthy, memorable, and successful. I […]

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Originally posted on Living Out Loud:
Love has always flowed so freely from my heart.  People enter into my life and I find beauty in them.  We ALL have our gifts and strengths.  Even with our weaknesses and flaws we are still beautiful.  I smile and strive to be as uplifting as I can because…

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Gym Anxiety

Originally posted on Living Out Loud:
What is up with me?! Even after all these years of working at a health club, I still get a strong case of gym anxiety.? I think of all the body parts that need work and in my mind I map out a path of where I think less…

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