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I wanted to start writing a blog about every day life. I enjoy reading others’ blogs about their lives, so why not me?! I’ve gone about most my life not sharing too much, or just sharing the basic details and keeping quiet, and now I have a chance to open my mouth – at least virtually – so I’m going to do it. I want to share some of the things I’m discovering about life, and I want to learn about how others are dealing with the same kinds of issues. I hope people will share their thoughts, interact, and we can have some fun with this! I’ve been going through a lot of change over the last year, including getting married, moving from California to Ohio, and becoming a new pet owner! Jump into my journey and give your advice, share some of your stories, or just read for fun!

Latest from the Blog

Say it now!

Why do we wait until the end to let people know how we really feel? Why do we wait until they are in pain, there is some doom circumstance, or ultimatum at hand? Sometimes it is the hardest to tell the people we love how we really feel, or what it is really going on.Continue reading “Say it now!”

Faithful Father

When it comes to love, meaning romance and relationships, I have always been a dreamer. I have also always been very shy. But God did give me a gift of beauty so I have had quite a few encounters with the opposite sex over my lifetime. My sister loves to remind me that she hadContinue reading “Faithful Father”

Miracle Maker!

In 2015 I was going to a church that held prayers for healing every week. I had never been in a church before that had done this. To be honest, it intimidated me. But I was also really curious. I loved (and still enjoy) exercising. But for the past couple of years I struggled withContinue reading “Miracle Maker!”

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