Cleaning house

Is there “junk” in your life? What kind? How do you get rid of it? I grew up thinking that abundance was having a lot of things.  It was a time when collections were “cool” and you could dazzle your friends with your buckets of happy meal toys and all of those beanie babies. Adults […]

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Take A Step Back & Breathe

Take a step back and breathe… This has been challenging for me to do throughout my entire life. I like to take on a lot and POWER THROUGH. And when others have come to me with their problems and concerns. I always gave them lots of thought and consideration often allowing their problems to become […]

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I Got Bit…

I made it through week #1 of fall quarter and felt great, but this week I got bit in the butt HARD by the nasty flu bug. I think it must have happened right before the weekend because I went in with a head full of steam and a heart full of dreams… Sweet dreams […]

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