Oh My Word!

The world is painted in white.  It looks like we may get a White Christmas afterall!  I am overjoyed that I got into the Christmas Spirit in time.  2012 has been flying by and I have to admit that time escaped me and it is hard to believe that we are already in the month of December and Christmas is coming sooner than later.

If the world was to end in 3 days (which I sure as heck hope it doesn’t because I have SO much living left to do); I think I could say that I am satisfied with the way I am choosing to live my life.  I brought in the New Year 2012 with family in Seattle.  Did I mention that I have a lust for cathedrals?  Well, this is the year that I finally discovered and embraced it.  We watched the fireworks on the Space Needle then started the New Year with a Resolution Run and Polar Bear Plunge with my little sister.  This year I stood up for myself, served on the board as treasurer on the board for a non-profit supporting a cause that is close to my heart, created the art for the posters advertising our first Fundraising Event, helped plan and run the event and was a guest speaker where I shared some of my story,dated a close friend, experienced my 1st healthy relationship, followed my heart, got my heart broken, survived a painful break-up, went to my 1st swim team coaches’ clinic, worked at a local swim shop (it had always been my dream to work at a swim shop for some reason), I got to write the newsletter for that shop which inspired me to start blogging, went to lobby day and talked to Senators and Representatives advocating for bills, got closer to my family, took my sister to Warped Tour (where we learned up-close-and -personal what a mosh-pit is), I completed my 2nd triathlon (this had been a dream I had for 11 yrs and last summer I finally decided to make it happen), I got to coach for the high school that I swam with (which was a dream come true), got some news that reminded me how important and precious our health is and now I am inspired to continue pursuing a healthy lifestyle, got my nose pierced, adopted a black kitten, felt my feelings, tried new things, danced the night away on more than one occasion, learned a lot, and fell in love with coaching swim team all over again.

There’s more, but I don’t think I want to share the “story of my life” all in one post.  This has been a wonderful year full of ups and downs and right now I feel happy knowing that I have wonderful and supportive people in my life, and the BEST running and dancing buddy a girl could ask for!  We talk about life, laugh uncontrollably, try new things together, and try to bring out the best in each other…  Sounds like true friendship to me.

I am brand new to blogging and feel rusty with writing, but I decided it was time to knock off some rust from my pencil and put my pen to the paper, or maybe in this case it is “fingertips to the key-board” I am looking forward to this blogging adventure.

If the world was to end in three days how would you spend them?

Watercolor by Alana Gabo
Watercolor by Alana Gabo

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