It Changed My Life…

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

I am so blessed that the experience that has completely changed my life is something that I get to re-visit nearly everyday.  On top of that, it is a job.  I can’t believe that I get paid to do something that I absolutely love that doesn’t even feel like work…

I am a swim coach.

I used to be a swimmer myself…  I like to say –in another life.  During this time I was addicted to swimming and so high on life.  I swam for an age group team where my love for the sport grew. My life was touched by amazing coaches that I got to swim for and learn from and also the other dedicated athletes who shared my love for the water. My time in the water taught me the importance of technique, time management, dedication, and developed my confidence to name a few. Being 4’11” for years and years technique played an even more vital role for me to keep up with my taller counterparts.  In high school I was the shortest girl on the swim team my freshman year, the shortest girl on the swim team my senior year, and when I went back to the same team as a coach this fall, out of the ENTIRE team, I was still the shortest girl =).

When I tore my rotator-cuff my junior year; I was given the choice of surgery or taking a break and doing physical therapy.  I chose the pt and in the meantime fell in love with teaching swimming.  I taught swimming lessons and also got certified to teach Lifeguard classes, CPR, and AED.

Then LIFE happened…

I was forbidden from even stepping foot into a pool for over two years.  It took a toll.  I put on weight and when I returned to my home town I didn’t want anyone from the swimming world to see me.  I was worried they would wonder “what happened to her?” or think “wow, she really let herself go.” Then a true friend talked me into going lap swimming with him.  I was nervous because he had known what I had been before and he said it didn’t matter he was friends with ME not the way I looked. I am amazed at what an impact the words we say to each other have.

My friend’s kind words and encouragement Changed My Life.

The swimming was so healing.  My little sister who was 11 at the time invited me to watch her at her swim meet and I was so scared about being seen that I was going to say no. Later on when Andrew and I went swimming and I told him about my sister’s invitation, but I decided not to go he said “why not?” And I agreed.  I went to the swim meet and that’s where the magic started.  I loved how the smell of the chlorine made you feel like you were entering another realm.  I loved the energy of the swimmers and the support and team spirit of family and friends.  I loved being at the pool!

Where it all began.
Where it all began.

Then it happened, a former  coach of mine saw me and asked what I had been up to he asked if I was interested in coaching and introduced me to my current boss. I had an interview 2 weeks later then the next day I received a phone call where  he offered me the position.  I was overjoyed.  I had only been back from Cali for a month and was already starting a new job.

Swim meet!
Swim meet!

And that is how my journey as a swim coach began.

I was the first one here before they even turned on the lights!
I was the first one here before they even turned on the lights!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE swimming and I love coaching and working with the kids.  It is several of my passions combined.  I learn SO much from these kiddos everyday. They inspire me and I feel blessed that I get to share something that is so close to my heart.

Coaching Swim team is the greatest gift anyone could have given me.

At another swim meet my 1st year of coaching.
At another swim meet my 1st year of coaching.

Two years later I am still coaching and loving it more than EVER.  I can’t wait to continue learning and growing as a coach.  I would also like to get back into swimming more consistently myself.

Let me know if you want some tips on swimming and it you are already a swimmer; what are some of your favorite workouts?!?!

7 thoughts on “It Changed My Life…

  1. Funny, a million years ago I was going to start doing triathlons. One of the magazines at the time said if you had someone stand in the lane while you swam towards them and took photos you could send them to them for a free stroke analysis. We took the photos, but back then it was more of an effort to take them in, get them developed, etc, etc. Always regretted not doing it. That story had nothing to do with yours, but I’m glad you landed on your feet!

    1. It is NEVER too late for you to start doing triathlons and I love swimming because you can do it your entire life. Thank you for your comment! Let me know if you would like some swimming tips.

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