Cramped in the cocoon

I think I need to stop comparing myself now to where I was a year ago…

A year ago I was Ambitious, Organized, Driven, and Energetic.  I also was always on the go, hardly ever home, working out nearly everyday, Would go running with my best friend rain, shine, or snow on Christmas Eve And New Years Eve, Going to church every Sunday, and vegan (no meat, no eggs, no dairy).  The year had its own challenges…  I kept to myself and acted like everything thing was always fine, but they would come out in my dreams…  Images from the past.

"Comfort the DisturbedDisturb the Comfortable"
“Comfort the Disturbed
Disturb the Comfortable”

A year later, I am in a different place… I have been feeling exhausted, drained, and out of shape.  I am at home more and spending more time with family which I guess is a good thing, but I think what I really need is a balance.  My rock has been my work (coaching swim team).  I feel fully alive and inspired and forget about being exhausted.  Also my angels who are my friends and family (I hope you all know who you are).

Beautifully Broken
Beautifully Broken

I think right now I am spinning in a cocoon making myself dizzy and hiding from the world.  I call it my humble state.  I have concluded that the most humbling times are when we are out of shape or injured. I think it is time for a Metamorphosis.  I need to break free and spread my wings.  The Only one who can do it is ME!

I don’t expect it to happen overnight, but I know there are changes I can start to make starting now.  I don’t want to be extreme or take on an All-or Nothing mentality.  I just want to embrace a healthy lifestyle and feel more like me again.

I know that at my BEST I am:

A Free Spirit, A swimmer, An Artist, Active, Full of Faith, and Always Striving.  It is time for me to let go of my past, forgive myself, replace negativity and self-hate with faith, Love, and Joy.


It is time for me to begin a new Chapter and see if I still remember how to fly…  If not, I guess this is a good year to learn.

We may not be what we were and we cannot go back in time even if we would like to, but each new day brings new skills and opportunities for growth. We can become even better than we were.

Peace and Joy Always,


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