Happiness Project: Week One

We have made it through the first whole week of 2013 and I think it is going well so far. As we rang in the New Year, I also decided to embark on my “Happiness Project” adventure (sounds exciting, doesn’t it?). I am going to write a weekly update to show-off my progress and I think there will be a ton of progress to show off in the future at least compared to this first week.

My mission for January is to “Boost Energy”

Boost Energy

  • Go to sleep earlier
  • Exercise better
  • Toss, restore organize (messy bed = messy head)
  • Stress Less
  • Act More Energetic

The main reason why I anticipate lots of progress from this first week is because I pretty much did the opposite of ALL That. I work until 9 pm sometimes later and it has been a recurring pattern where I am still up and energetic at late hours so I stay up late, but it throws off my schedule for the next day. I didn’t exercise because I was exhausted and drained so it was hard to act more energetic. In fact I even cried my eyes out one night.  I think it was the first time I have done that. My saving grace was going back to work and coaching swim team like it has been for a while now.  My swimmers never fail to bring a smile to my face and they inspire me everyday.

Let’s see if I can start turning things around this week.  I have to admit that in my past I have had “perfectionist tendencies” so I added a new rule for myself which is :


All this set aside I had some fabulous moments this week.  Coaching was wonderful, but I could tell that I was fading towards the end of my shift on a few nights.  I went to the book store and ordered a graphic novel that my friend Bryant recommended and it is supposed to arrive any day now.  I also found an intriguing book on “Holistic Cat Care” by Celeste Yarnall, PH.D and I might give the holistic lifestyle a try for my kitten Damon (another topic for me to write about).

Holistic Cat Care... Worth a shot?
Holistic Cat Care… Worth a shot?

I found out that a close friend of mine might move to New York for a job.  I am happy for him, but the feeling is bittersweet since we were close.  A lot of my friends have been moving far away lately…My conclusion is that my friends and I are at a stage in our lives where we are branching out and spreading our wings.  Flying through this Big Bad World…  Really it is no reason to be sad and what I love about true friends is that no matter how long it has been since you have last seen each other; you can Always pick up right where you left off and share stories of your Grand adventures!

Today was refreshing…I spent almost the entire day alone. I got a massage at Radiance (I’m trying to find a stellar massage therapist in Oly since my dear Sandie Anderson moved to FL).  Went on a long walk and browsed through the shops and boutiques and found a few treasures!

Aren't these to die for?!?!
Aren’t these to die for?!?!
I have to show off the front and side view!
I have to show off the front and side view!

Shop at Yolli Shoes and support your local business!: http://www.yelp.com/biz/yolli-shoes-olympia

I also went into Lily’s “What to Where” Boutique where I got to talk with Lilly herself and found some jewelry.

From Afghanistan
From Afghanistan

I absolutely Love the art on their store calendar!  See Below…


I also decided to reenact my ritual of taking myself out on the occasional date.  It has been awhile since I have done it and I finally made it to a restaurant where I have always wanted to go and I tried a new dish and didn’t even order any alcoholic beverages.  As I was sitting down at the table I took out my travel journal (another ritual started last spring after my break-up) and wrote down some ways in which I can boost my energy this week.  I guess you could call them goals!

Ways I Will Boost My Energy This Week:

  1.  Get 6 hours of sleep 10:45 to 11:30 bedtime.
  2. Go to the gym 4x’s this week (thanks to Bryant’s workout challenge…  Bring it!)
  3. De-clutter Daily.
  4. Juice (suggested by Blake and once I do it I will include my fav. juice recipes.)
  5. Log my food.
  6. Pray and have FAITH.

There you have it!  We shall see how it goes!!!  How is the New year treating you so far?!?! Have a FANTASTIC week and thanks for stopping by!!!

Peace, Joy, and Love,


P.S. I ended my evening at church and I am convinced that singing is my favorite form of prayer!

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