What a Wonderful World… Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bruddah IZ

iz kamakawiwo’ole

I think this will always be one of my favorites. I love singing along and it is a song that always cheers me up and helps me feel brighter and lighter.

My world has been feeling so heavy lately and sometimes it really does suck to be a survivor. I get so frustrated and upset about the fact that even two years later pieces of my past still have to be a part of my present. I also know that these times when I feel down and low help me appreciate the good times that much more. I know I have been given so many blessings and I just need to capitalize on the positive…What a Wonderful World…

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far. When you are feeling down keep your chin up and remember that somedays it takes clouds and rain to create a rainbow.

Peace, Joy, and Love,


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