Over-analyze or just Let It Flow

Over-analyze of just Let It Flow

I know that I have been guilty of over-analyzing and trying to explain things away. After it is all said and done it is so easy to say, “This all could have been prevented if only I had…” Everything we do has a consequence and depending on what it is that consequence is either good or bad. Sometimes there is a huge price to pay. Just remember that no matter what there are lessons to be learned and gifts we can gain if we choose to see it. I think we all do the Best we can with what we have in our own situations.

I know that my over-analyzing has held me back in my past and at times has even been paralyzing. I am committing to Letting it all GO… It will not always be easy, but I think it could be worth-it. I won’t even try to make it happen over night, but my goal IS to grow better with time.

Peace, Joy, and Love,


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