Snapshots of Time

It is so nice to be able to look at the picture of someone who was once so dear to you. They were practically your world. You spent every waking moment that you possibly could with them. You gave them your time and your heart repeatedly because you thought you loved them. Seeing a picture of them once had the power to either warm your heart or tear you apart because you wanted to be right there with them.

Fast forward to now and you see a picture of them maybe two and you realize that your heart no longer gets clouded by feelings of affection and desire. Instead you look at them, smile, and acknowledge that they were a soul who shared some ups and downs of life with you. Some uplifted you and some brought you down so low, but there were lessons you learned together and experiences that revealed what you wanted and didn’t want in your life.

As you gaze at those eyes and those lips featured on the photo you hold with your fingertips; you realize that time has done her job and worked her magic. By leaving that person to be who they were; you learned how to find love within yourself. A love so pure and strong that it made your broken heart whole.

You look with gratitude at the fact that you only went as far as you did with that person because you spent enough time to share the lessons and move forward with your life.

You are happy, you are healed, and you are whole. You see your present as a gift and you look to the future with hope and a willingness to love with an open heart.


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