Raw Thoughts…

I’m chasing my colorful dreams…

All it took was for me to finally realize and accept the fact that my mistakes, setbacks, failures, and disappointments do not have to destroy me, my life, and my dreams.  Just because these things happen it does not mean that my life is falling apart or my world is coming to an end.

These mishaps are educational teaching us lessons and giving us experiences so we can face the world fearlessly. 

I call them bombshells…

When all of a sudden something in my life that was once so solid falls apart and I feel like the ground has been pulled from beneath me.  In the past I have spent a lot of time blaming and shaming myself trying to figure out what I did to make or cause all this to happen. 

The truth is that shit happens…
All the books and education in the world will not always prepare us for the adventures, ups and downs that life throws at us. What would happen if everyone gave up the first time they ever dropped the ball? We would not have any champions. Winners are the people who keep practicing and do not allow challenges, setbacks, and rainy weather to keep them from getting better.

I’m starting to see that the worst times can teach us the BEST lessons if we do not fall for the illusion and stay trapped in a place of fear.

Sometimes all it takes is hanging on to see what tomorrow brings…


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