100 Active Days: Day 2

Last week I got stuck in a funk…

I think the hustle and bustle of the holidays finally caught up with me.  I also started, finished, and wrapped all my Christmas gifts last friday over the span of a couple of hours.  By Tuesday I was feeling pretty burnt out from work so Christmas came at a good time.  I spent Christmas Eve with my friend and his family and Christmas day with my family.  By friday I felt worn out and exhausted and did not leave my house for the next two days.  I slept in, stayed home, moved slowly, read, cleaned, organized, and spent a lot of time alone with my thoughts.  I was alarmed by my lack of energy, but decided it was acceptable for me to take time to rest and recover.

I almost spent a third day in, but made plans to go to church this morning then meet a friend for Hatha Yoga.  I think it was Exactly what I needed!

Day 2: December 28th 2014

HATHA YOGA and a WALK -After a couple of slow-paced days it was so good for me to get out of the house and get moving.  I had attempted to put off today’s yoga date to next week and have another low-energy day, but the change of pace was exactly what I needed.  We worked through traditional flows and I felt like my balance was better than usual today.  I have been noticing some tightness in my jaw and chest these past few days.  It must be where I am holding my stress.  After class my friend showed me an exercise with a medicine ball to add to my morning routine that will continue to bring awareness to my center-line.

We had a very inspiring conversation over lunch.  Discussing ruts and how we get into them by doing the same thing again and again and not stepping outside of that path or track.  I was reminded of the importance of having a wide variety of activities in my life so that I develop multi-faceted strengths rather than only being strong in one discipline.  We also talked about goals.  I am going to re-write my goals with two bullet-points under them and put them in a visible place that I can see every single day.

After lunch we went for a walk through a park with waterfalls.  It was so beautiful.  We were greeted by a rainbow which was very fitting because today has been a good reminder for me and has given me a lot of hope.  

A reoccuring theme that came up throughout our conversations was how we become like the 5 people we have in our lives the most.  I think that is so true and a good reminder for me to surround myself by people who uplift and inspire me.

I feel ready to get back on track and move forward towards my goals and dreams.

Have a wonderful week and remember to:


Peace, Joy, and Blessings Always,


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