100 Active Days: Day 3

I had a full day at work and was really lacking energy.  During my lunch break I decided to go for a walk outside and it helped me get through the rest of my shift.  I think fresh air is imperative especially since I spend long hours on a swimming pool deck.

Day 3: December 29th 2014:

PILATES and HATHA YOGA -It feels like a complete luxury to take these classes.  Ordinarily, I am coaching or teaching during these times, but have been able to take classes since we have had a 2 week break.  In Pilates, we focused on upper body and core.  I love the way Pilates makes me feel, powerful, strong, and feminine.  After Pilates, I stayed for Hatha Yoga.  I really appreciate the way we started the class with sitting and focusing on the breath.  I do not spend enough time sitting still.  I noticed that I felt more tired from the balance poses.  I think I am still recovering from yesterday’s workout.

I am concerned about my lack of energy, but I know that cleaning up my nutrition and becoming more consistently active will help me a lot.


Good health is the GREATEST gift we can give ourselves!

Keep up the Great work and the Excellent workouts, everyone!  This is our last week of 2014.  


Peace, Joy, and Blessings Always,



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