Find Your Light In the Darkest Sky

I thought this was Erykah Badu.  She sounds just like her.  Love this message.  Keep reaching, fighting, and jumping for your dreams.

Jump so high

[Verse 1: Lion Babe]
Tie me down, try to hold me up
But the wall ain’t high enough
They play so hard
In a game so rough
But I still can’t
Give it up

I’m out here on my own
Work but I got to get some
Run right into the sun
Ohhh (jump so high)
(so high)
I jump so high (so high)
I jump so high (so high)
I got it right (so high, high, high)
I jump so high (so high)
I jump so high (so high)
I got it right

[Verse 2: Lion Babe]
Find your light
In the darkest sky
And the stars burn
Inside our eyes
Cutting through the haze
To our glory days
We won’t give up
Never too late


[Verse 3: Childish Gambino]
Yeah, we finally made it, you know they hate it, I swear to God
Knowing where you are made you into a star
Made you into the man, no one else like this
Before the house was a house, it was on my wrist
It’s the island life, yeah mahalo bitch
Went from ashy to classy, I’m aloe rich
I stay Aloe Blacc
, man, Bino back
Man he never left,
I smoke loud, I’m deaf
Your smoke plead the fifth
, I know the glory
They hate on your shine because they know the story
Thrown to the wolves but your drive so Mowgli
I could drive through the hood and them, boys, they know me
Is he one of the greatest? Time will tell
But time is relative
, they assume the melanin
And they kill the culture
, this might insult ya
White man can’t jump, and I (jump so high)


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