We Get the Love We Accept.


I hate when I am doing just fine and then someone comes into my life and rocks my world for better or worse.  I was doing my own damn thing.  I wasn’t looking, they found me, things are great for two months then I find myself caring and wondering…

I want to know what’s important to them.  What cheers them up when they’re feeling sad.  What and who inspires and uplifts them.  Do they believe in God?  What are their hopes, dreams, and fears and how can I help them to reach, face, or conquer them?  I look forward to creating beautiful memories, laughter that lasts forever, and doing all the things that I know I can look forward to looking back on.

Life is a Grand Adventure in itself, but there is nothing like sharing the journey with a companion, having a partner in crime, working towards a victory as a team.

It makes me sad when I go from wanting to know all about them and caring and wondering to wondering if they even care…  Wondering if we have anything in common. Wondering why I am being ignored and where I went wrong.

Feeling weak and less than beautiful.  Wishing I was somehow different or better than I am…

Then I realize that I have been strong all along.  There is nothing stunting my growth or stopping me from becoming who I want to become.  I just can’t forget who that is and what I want for myself.

I am an open heart and am quick to put my heart and soul into what I do and maybe that’s why it is so easy for me to get hurt.  I open myself up to it.

I know that I am a kind-hearted, strong, and faithful woman.  In my past I was faithful to a fault and I have love and a lot to offer to the right person.  I guess this is my opportunity to offer some love to myself.

I never want to settle and allow myself to be in a situation where I feel weak and not good enough.  I know that the way I feel is a choice.  Some situations are more conducive to our well-being than others.  We get to choose who we spend our time with.  It seriously is a challenge to not take things personally.

I want to do things and be around people who uplift and inspire me.  Who share values. Who can respect me and appreciate me the way I am.

Remember my dear:



This is a perfect day for a fresh start and new beginnings.  I hope my heart is getting stronger.  I am becoming a pro at pulling myself back together!

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