Growth and Change are Painful and Necessary


There will be days when it is going to feel so hard and you will want to quit.

Times when life will feel so unfair, but the truth is that “Life is NOT fair.” That fact doesn’t make it any easier, I know.

There are lessons that life wants us to learn and they will be presented to us again and again until we learn them (I hate to admit that I am learning this the hard way).

The best way to live a life full of regrets is to stay stuck somewhere you don’t belong.


This year one of the greatest gifts was learning that CHANGE IS A BLESSING.  I used to fear it more than anything else, but now I am learning how to embrace change.

I feel blessed for all the lessons learned, kindness shared, unforgettable memories, uncontrollable laughter, dancing the night away, living my truth, the pain of breakups, loss of friendships, heartbreak, heartache and Everything else that happened this year.

The only regrets I have EVER had were the times when I didn’t live my truth.

This year I will do MORE of that ==> LIVE MY TRUTH and FOLLOW MY HEART.

Enjoy this final day of 2014, my Dear Darling friends.  Let’s make 2015 PHENOMENALLY OUTSTANDING!!!!


Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,


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