Week 2 is through!

This year is moving right along and we are about to begin the 3rd week of 2015.  My focus for January is:

Boost Energy

  • Go to sleep earlier
  • Exercise better
  • Toss, restore organize (messy bed = messy head)
  • Stress Less
  • Act More Energetic

This past week was just as busy as last week maybe even more.  I started my Monday morning at work with my practical for Water Group Fitness.  I taught the first half of a shallow water group fitness class and the Group Fitness Director and lead instructor watched how I conducted the class so they could decide whether or not they wanted me as an instructor.  About a year ago I taught a group fitness class and an hour long water strengthening class for a retirement community.  I have some experience, but was still nervous since I haven’t taught in months and was feeling a little rusty/out of practice.  Over the weekend I consulted with a friend of mine who is an excellent group fitness instructor.  I believe she teaches every class that there is and does a damn good job at it too!  I wrote myself a lesson plan ahead of time then felt confident as I taught the class.  The director and the participants said that they really enjoyed my class and were impressed with me as an instructor!  I felt overjoyed and so rejuvenated.  There is magic in pushing yourself out of your comfort zone!  They want me to start training to teach deep water and I am officially on the sub list now.  I will be teaching my first full class this coming wednesday at 9:30 am.  Wish me luck!!!

I think this week was better than last week.  I was less exhausted, but still pretty tired.  Back in August I had a very solid morning routine and I believe that helped me tremendously with my energy levels.  What has kept me from doing it now?  Honestly I think it has been laziness and trying to stay in bed longer.  Or I think about how much effort it will take and my mind gets heavy and I get stuck in my head.  I’m ready to change that!  I can feel a big difference when I don’t do my morning routine.

I also had a hard time sleeping this past week.  I’m not sure what it is.  Just very restless and waking up every two hours.  I never got an evening routine down so I think it will be valuable for me to work on that too.  A friend of mine gave me a Nutri-Bullet for Christmas and I think that is the BEST gift that anyone has ever given me.  I have been making green smoothies almost every morning.  I am still waiting for the energy to kick in though.

These were my goals from last week:

  1. Get 7 hours of sleep each night. –I did my best to get my sleep, but it was very restless and uncomfortable.  I’m bummed because lately sleep hasn’t been very helpful in boosting my energy, but it could be that my body was extra messed up for a long time.  I won’t give up on this because I know that not getting enough sleep won’t help me either.
  2. Workout 5 times this week. -I’m SO excited that I reached this goal!!!  I felt like it would be a stretch for me especially since I have been feeling so unmotivated and last week I only did 1 zumba workout on saturday.  What helped the most was having my new workout buddy, Brandon.  We only get a half hour on monday and wednesday and 45 minutes on friday, but I think with proper planning it will become quality workout time.  I know that if I didn’t have the accountability; I probably would have skipped those workouts.  On Saturday I did Zumba and this morning I did Mixxedfit!  I love to dance!
  3. De-clutter daily. –de-cluttered a little over the weekend, but I haven’t gotten the daily part down yet.  I will keep working on this.  I know that I still have more than I need, but letting go is challenging.
  4. Plan ahead and prepare. -I did my planning every night before bed and I think that helps me to establish focus and stick with it.  A good example of how planning ahead and preparing paid off was with my Water Group Fitness practical.  I want to get better at planning out my meals and bringing snacks to work.
  5. Act more energetic. –I did things that energetic people do.  I worked out.  Got an earlier start on a couple days.  I think I have been overly negative lately and I want to work on staying positive.  It makes a Difference!

With all that in mind, I feel ready to press forward to week 3!  I am not sure if I feel a lot happier, but I do think that I am way happier than I would be if I wasn’t working towards these goals.  I want to make some changes this week.

This week I will set some goals to help me stay on track:

  1. Begin every day with my Morning routine and get 7 hours of sleep every night.
  2. Workout 5 times this week and plan out my strength training workouts.
  3. De-clutter daily.
  4. Plan ahead and prepare.
  5. Act more energetic.
  6. Eat Clean.
  7. Keep a food journal.

I feel ready for the week now!  What are your goals for this week?  Tell me about them and let’s encourage each other through this journey!!!

Peace, Joy, and Love always,



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