You Were a Beautiful Soul with that “Sparkle” and You Were Right…


I knew you were a Beautiful Soul from the moment I met you.  You had that sparkle that I don’t always see in people.  I met you at a bookstore on a day when my spirits were feeling dim.  Our conversation was easy and our connection apparent.  You seemed like the kind of person who would be a good friend.  After our quick encounter, I felt joy in knowing that people like you exist.  I never thought we would meet again, but I enjoyed our quick conversation about literary treasures and the weather… One day we did meet again and over time became great friends.

You were right when you said I was strong.  At the time I didn’t believe it, but I did my best to smile through the pain.  I was going through so much in those two years and you made it a point to be right there by my side.  Supporting me with a warm hug or our heart-to-hearts and sometimes it was just being there…

You were right when you said I was beautiful.  Even though I felt broken and often like a disaster, you helped bring out the Best in me.  I was chasing my dreams relentlessly, creating art and learning to be “Complete and Free.” Even in those times when I shared parts of my story with you and fell to pieces.  You were there for me listening, holding me, and kissing away my tears.

There we were one evening… We found the perfect spot in a tree at the top of a cliff overlooking the beach at sunset.  We shared a beer, talked about life and I started showing you different kinds of braids in my long hair.  You said, “Alana, you are so Beautiful.”  I kind of laughed it off and you said, “No I really mean it.  Here we are at sunset, hanging out of a tree over the beach and you are showing me how to braid 4 different kinds of braids in your hair.  You’re a true beauty.”  You always caught me off guard with moments like that…  Throughout the time we spent together I felt even more beautiful.


You were right when you said that I have this “Wild Innocence.”  It was the first time anyone had ever said Anything like that to me, but those were the years that I first discovered that I am an open heart and a free spirit.

You were right when you said that I am a woman of strong faith and virtues.  I don’t know if I would have used those words to describe myself, but I always aspired to be a virtuous woman with integrity.  Even though you weren’t raised with a faith yourself, you were still supportive of me and went to church with me almost every week even long before we ever dated.  Afterwards we would grab a coffee/tea and go for a walk and talk about faith.

You were right when you said I am an artist.  I never considered myself to be an artist before, but I overheard you telling a friend about my art and describing me as an artist and I thought it had a nice ring to it.  So ever since then, I’ve been an artist.

You were right when you said, “She has Tenacity.”  We would go on grand adventures and you would take me to your favorite places.  A lot of those places became my favorite places.  You would quickly find a way to the place with the BEST view and it usually involved something seemingly risky like strutting across a fallen tree or climbing to a high place.  I wouldn’t usually take Your path, but I always managed to find a way to be next to you.

You were right when you said that I’m worth-it.  I still struggle with this one to this day, but maybe someday I will believe that I AM Worth-it.

You were right when you said that “Time Heals.”  My heart has healed over this much time, but it doesn’t mean I miss you less…You are always in my prayers.  It seems that life has taken us to different places, but no one will take your place.  You were my Best friend and my 1st True love.  We may never meet again, but I am so glad I got to call you my friend.



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