Eject and Reject the Negative.

Why is it so easy to stay stuck on something negative?

It could be something bad that happened or a negative comment that 1 person made.  Even on a day filled with so many blessings and good things, why does it feel so easy to replay the bad things over and over again?  I think when I do it I try to figure out how or why it happened and how it could have been prevented, but the fact is that it’s DONE.

Dwelling on something bad will not make it go away.  I think there are better ways to spend our energy.  It would be like replaying a song that you hate over and over again.  Why torture yourself like that unless it is something you would like to learn to love.  I think my tendency to cling to the negative has become a habit and that’s why it has been happening.  I am going to try to replace this habit with thinking more positively.  The next time I get stuck on something that makes me feel down or sad; I will replace it with a positive thought.

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