Try Something New

Stress Less. Be Present. Be BOLD. Be Fearless. Be Daring.  Be Brilliant.  Laugh Fully. Love Deeply. Hold Tightly. Caress Gently. Let go. Look up. Believe. Dive In. Dance. Tell stories. Listen. Be real. Be True. Be YOU. LIVE OUT LOUD

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Remember To Forget You

Ever feel out of your mind to the point that you feel like you’ve lost your mind? You spend time with toxic people and go back to the bad boys forgetting all the flaws and the reasons you left in the first place (because of course there are more than a few…but you can’t always […]

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Happiness Project: Week 7

This past week was pretty exhausting, but I got through it.  I have been working hard to step up my game at work as a coach and teacher and I can feel that it takes even more energy.  I also gave up coffee successfully and that could be why I felt a little more tired. […]

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Happiness Project: Week 6

This week I was feeling really weak.  I was exhausted and drained throughout my days and grumpier than usual.  I think a big reason is because my back has been killing me for the past 3 weeks.  When it hurts to sit, stand, get out of bed, move, and get in and out of your […]

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Rainy Daze

Rainy days are a perfect time to clean house Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually. When it is sunny and nice out I want to be out and about and outside.  My weeks are busy and long and by the time I get home all I want to do is brew a cup of hot tea and […]

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Wake Up!

“No more backward thinking time for thinking ahead… The world won’t get no better if we just let it be.  We got to change it.  You and Me.” Every minute is a moment we cannot get back.  We can be instrumental in each others lives by spreading positivity and inspiration.  You can make a beautiful […]

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