Yesterday my workout buddy Brandon and I were talking about bikes and it reminded me of my 1st ride!!!

That night was memorable…  It was a late September Saturday night. I went on an impromptu double date and we decided to dress up and get Fancy!!!

I wore a sparkly cocktail dress with high-heeled boots, did my make-up with a smokey-eye and pouty plum lips, and even curled my hair that night.  We met at a pool hall downtown and he gave me some pro-tips for pool.

We told stories, drank, played pool, danced, and even went on the swings at 2 am.  I was in paradise even though I was mainly swinging by myself.  I had a view of the Puget Sound and a View of the Capitol.  I swung freely feeling free and untouchable on those swings.

One of my girlies had picked me up to go on this adventure.  When it came time to go home he asked me if I wanted to go for a ride on his Ducati.  I had NEVER ridden on a bike before.  I guess there’s a 1st time for everything!

He gave me his helmet and jacket and we took off for a ride that nearly took my breath away. There I was in my sparkly cocktail dress and high-heeled boots, hair and dress blowing in the wind…  The scenery a total blur, heart beating and feeling free.  Enjoying my 1st ride.  Life’s made up of Grand Adventures and nights like that.  I was riding home in STYLE!!!

Whenever we dance to this song; I am reminded of that adventurous fall night!

Remember to LIVE OUT LOUD and fill your life with moments that take your breath away!!!  Xoxoxo.

Peace, Love, and Blessings,


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