Happiness Project: Week 12

Usually I do my weekly happiness project post on a Sunday, but last week’s post is slightly tardy.  Better late than never, right? I am thrilled that I have stuck with this thing for 12 weeks.  That in itself shows lots of growth.  Although I have not been a devout religious follower; I haven’t strayed far and I think the pace at which I am moving has been realistic and true to life.  I have accepted the fact that I cannot expect to be happy 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, but I can find moments of joy and happiness and delight in my experiences.  This includes all of my ups AND downs.

Last week was rough and full of raw emotions.  I have been having a rough time these past few weeks, but I am making it through.  Another positive is that I have also stuck with my resistance training which is facing another one of my fears.  My resistance training routine has had its ups and downs as well, but this is the longest that I have ever stuck with it outside of my swim team days over a decade ago.  These are positive changes and I intend to stick with them.

On Sunday I started learning a computer programming language.  I am so excited about this because I am facing my fear of technology.  I may not be following my goals to the tee, but I feel like these are ways that I have chosen to Aim Higher.  This month of March absolutely flew by and I don’t even remember what April’s focus is, but I am looking forward to find out!


Aim Higher

  • Launch a Blog
  • Invest in my Future
  • Enjoy the fun of failure
  • Ask for help
  • Work smart
  • Enjoy now

Have a Happy Friday tomorrow, my Dear Darling Friends!!!

Peace, Joy, and Love Always,

Alana xoxoxo.

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