Happiness Project Week 15 and 16

The past two weeks have been busy and challenging.  I spent week 15 preparing to run my very 1st swim meet.  It was such an exciting time especially since I was preparing for a first.  I was nervous about awards, the timeline, and having enough volunteers, but piece by piece it all came together.  I grew a lot as person through this experience.  It was my first time ever using excel and creating a spreadsheet.  Also, our swims were completed 45 minutes early without a hitch.  Pretty good especially since I had expected us to go overtime.

Week 16 was challenging especially at work.  Sometimes things are plain draining, but I am doing my best not to let things get me down.  I know that the way we feel about situations is often a choice.  When I go through challenges it helps me put things in perspective.

Last week it was hard for me to even think about lightening up especially with how heavy things have been lately.  It is still a choice.  On Friday night after work, I went to artswalk with a friend and we went to see some live music.  It was refreshing and felt almost foreign to me.  I think the last time I went out/dancing was my work Christmas party.  On Friday I did not drink at all and I had a grand time.  I will admit that I did not feel completely comfortable, but I also did not feel completely uneasy.  It was a little push for me.  I continued to gently push myself throughout the weekend and got out of the house even when I didn’t feel like going.  On Sunday morning I had absolutely NO intention of going to workout, but I pried myself out of bed and went to a Mixxedfit Masterclass.  This was a push for me since it has been over a month since I have done Mixxedfit, but it was a nice way for me to “lighten up.”

I went to church yesterday and decided that singing once a week is not enough.  After church I went grocery shopping then cooked a meal.  This was nice because I was constructive with my energy rather than feeling super anxious/nervous.  I have been feeling anxious and uneasy about my relationship and last night I got to have a good heart-to-heart.  That helped take a lot of pressure off of my back.

Today I am not feeling well at all so rather than pushing myself and risking getting worse; I am  choosing to lighten up and rest.

It is hard to believe that April is almost coming to a close…  No pressure here.


Lighten Up

  • Sing in the morning
  • Acknowledge the reality of people’s feelings
  • Create Happy memories
  • Take time for projects

I feel like I am on a good track with all of these except the singing.  I have been trying to be more aware of people’s feelings.  My swim meet and quality time with others have been happy memories.  I am working on pursuing interests and goals for my projects.

How is your year/Happiness Project progressing.

No matter what you do remember:


Love and Blessings Always,

Alana xoxoxo

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