Peace not Stress

Life has a tendency to get hectic, busy, and sometimes chaotic.  Somehow we manage to pull it together and sparkle through the haze.  Other or often times we go through life in a daze.  This process keeps going until we either choose to stop or something in life stops us.

It could be illness, tragedy, experience, or a beautiful sight to behold.  If we do not take the time to be still in the midst of our busy lives, somehow at some point life will catch up and find a way to slow us down.  I have experienced this several times in my life and looking back I have noticed that the busier and more wound up and involved I got; the bigger the bombshell or wave was that swept me off my feet.

I think the lesson to learn here is to slow down and make sure that we take our time some of the time.  If we make a deliberate decision to see the bigger picture, we will notice things that we probably would have overlooked in a rush.  Earlier today I told a friend that it is so stressful to be sick and she said, “It should be Peaceful.”  I  think that is a perspective that is worth adopting.  The stress will not make the pain go away.  Choosing to be peaceful and have faith takes a lot of trust, but it is hopeful.  And hope always leads us to a better place.

Peace and Blessings Always, My friends.


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