Write Anyways

When life gets hectic and it feels like there is no time.  You may only have time for a handful of sentences, but that’s ok.  Write anyways.

When you would rather be out in the sunshine soaking in the rays.  Take time to write about the joy that fills your days.

When life gets you down and depressed.  Write anyways.  It is the perfect outlet for the stressed.

When your heart is broken and all you want to do is eat ice cream and cry; write anyways.  Soon you will be able to wipe the tears from your eyes.

When the struggles you are going through feel so “text-worthy” or something worth including in a “status post.”  Write about it first. Your journal and heart both care about your personal struggles the most.

When you feel like you lack creativity. Put your pencil to the paper, brush to the canvas, fingertips to the keys.  Write about anything.  Soon your creativity will flow.

When it feels like you have more important things to do.  Write anyways you will thank yourself when you look back on it.


3 thoughts on “Write Anyways

  1. So true! I stopped writing for a few years, but I decided to start up my blog and start small with my 17 day challenge. So great to find others who also cherish the importance of writing!

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