Valuable Values

LEARNING teaches me that I am capable of doing far more than I ever dreamed possible.

ACCEPTING CHALLENGES pushes me to accept new responsibilities and hold myself accountable.

OVERCOMING OBSTACLES reminds me that I am far stronger and persistent than I give myself credit for.

RESISTANCE TRAINING empowers me and gives me opportunities to face my fears and strengthen my weaknesses.

RELATIONSHIPS teach me valuable lessons about life and love.

CRYING is an outlet for toxins and tears.

SINGING reminds me that I have a voice.

PRESSURE polishes and cuts me into a multi-faceted diamond.

HIGH STANDARDS help me to rise above all the bullshit.

ILLNESS and INJURIES humble me and reveal true friends.

WRITING is a part of my process.

SWIMMING washes away my tears and is my meditation.

HEARTACHE and PAIN helps me value JOY and TRUE LOVE.

FAMILY is Forever.

FAITH gives me ongoing hope.

GOD gets me through everything.

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