Stick With It For 18 Weeks and BEYOND

You will be a lot further along than if you had never started Or if you gave up in the beginning.

Some days or weeks you will be early and feel on top of the world.  Other days you will be late and down in the dumps.  Then there are the days you are unable to come in altogether.

Through thick and thin, victories and defeats, you keep coming back and stay the course.  It may not be in the way or manner that you planned or imagined, but you stick with it.

You may make new friends and reconnect with old companions and through some places you will walk alone.  The alone time gives you time to recharge and reassess your goals and direction.

Sometimes it is a definite struggle to stick with it because other circumstances and distractions in life fog your vision and help you to forget why you started in the first place.  In your heart and mind you know that it is worth sticking with.  That you have more to lose by not following through.  You are worth-it and you absolutely owe it to yourself.

You are the only one who can live your life and ultimately make your goals and dreams come true.

Get out there and DO THE DAMN THING!!!!!!!!!

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