Change Your Life

So many changes are happening in my life, but I know that the changes are good.  My life is feeling different and sometimes it is a little disorienting, but that is the nature of change.  Change is different.  Change is bold.  Change draws us out of our comfort zone.  Change changes our location and direction. […]

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Walking Thoughts

What are my wildest goals, dreams, and aspirations?  Where do I want to go?  How do I want to spend my life?  I want to learn to be my own best friend.  I will be accountable and learn to count on myself and no one else.  I deserve to be respected, loved, cherished, and adored, […]

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Moving Slowly

A week ago I was faced with choices and unsure about what I wanted.  Every option presented an advantage and a risk.  There was the safety of staying were I was.There has been a sense of security because I have been here for the past year and even though it has had its ups and […]

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