Work At What You Love

Work at what you love and love the work you do.

Most skills take work especially when you first start and the ones that are worth pursuing take even more work.  I know that I could not swim when I first started.  In fact it took me years… I would even be willing to bet that swimming took me even longer to learn than your average person.  I think my biggest barrier was fear.  I finally learned how to swim and became proficient and rapidly improved by the age of ten and once it clicked I was able to take off with it and excel.  Another key to my success was that I never quit or gave up.  I became a technician.  Focusing on my technique and always asking my coaches what I could do to improve and asking them to watch me apply their tips and critique my strokes.  As a result this practice has helped me to become a better swim instructor and coach.

Today I got to go to work and all I had to do was teach.  I noticed a definite difference.  I was energetic and overflowing with creative ideas.  It was like night and day from my usual routine which is to teach, lifeguard for hours then by the time that I got to my evening lessons I was usually way more tired and less patient.  This evening was a great  reminder to me.  It reminded me how much I love teaching!

I am going to apply these lessons that I have learned to my educational journey.  Right now the concepts I am studying seem so complex and feel like another language.  I am starting to wonder what I have gotten myself into.  I am going to keep studying and learning even when I feel lost.  When I am stuck I will stick with it. And when I am lost I will seek guidance.  No matter what I will not quit and I am ready to commit to studying harder, longer, and smarter than I ever have.  I have taken leaps and bounds of faith with the changes I have made, but I am investing in my mind, my life, and future.  These are changes and sacrifices that will pay off.


Right now this all feels like work, but it has potential to turn into something more.  Maybe I will discover a new passion.  Even if I don’t I will be better with all the new knowledge I will acquire.

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