Breakdown or Breakthrough

“Instead of having a breakdown, I am focusing on having a breakthrough.”  -Terrell Owens

There are things that have happened in my life that could easily weigh me down and eventually cause a breakdown.  Sometimes it feels like I try to get on a good track then all of a sudden I get derailed and the ground gets pulled from beneath me…  

Life is full of challenges, struggles, and hard decisions to make.  Instead of dwelling and drowning I am going to turn all the weight and boulders of stress into stepping stones.  Lessons that I have learned and experiences that will help me build character and ultimately elevate myself to a higher level of living.

Inner strength starts in our minds and hearts then manifests itself with action.  I choose faith over despair, positivity over negativity, and strength over weakness.  I could easily breakdown.  Sometimes it feels like I am heading in that direction, but I am going to focus ALL of my energy on having a breakthrough.

I will continue to count my blessings.  I feel so blessed to be encouraged, loved, and supported in such a healthy way.  God is good!

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