Everlastingly Enduring

11817171_978929452128238_8935198063349979199_nThere was a time when I wanted things to happen, bloom, and develop as soon as possible.  I used to think that if I put all my spare time into something that it would make my hopes come true.  I would often rush and become overzealous then eventually get distracted, disappointed, or burned out if things did not happen the way I hoped they would.

Now I am trying to take a more long-term approach to life and everything that is important to me.  I want to give myself a chance to set a solid foundation, learn, build, and grow.  This type of growth takes maturity, patience, and time.  I am learning that the things that are worth going for take a consistent effort, time, and cannot be rushed.

Why would I want to rush something that I want to last forever?…

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