F.ace E.verything A.nd R.ise


Last September a close friend of mine encouraged me to look at where I was and decide if I wanted to be in the same place a year later.  The position I was in had some potential for growth, but I knew it was not where I wanted to stay.  I had aspirations to go back to school, find a more stable living situation, live a more active lifestyle, and gain skills that could help me move forward in life.

Fast forward to NOW and just about everything in my life has changed.  The summer was a challenging time, but I made it through with the help of solid support and encouragement.  I tapped into my mantra of the past:

“When you stop growing, it is time to get going!”

I made the difficult decision to leave people, a place, and things behind.  Now I am spending my first year in a beautiful home with my two cats and boyfriend.  I am in school and I have a brand new job that I LOVE.  When I left it felt like my world was falling apart and I had lost so much, but now I see that it was a leap of faith.  I have gained more blessings than I could have ever imagined.

Lately I have been so hard on myself at least when it comes to the shape that I am in.  I slacked off from my workouts in August and don’t feel as strong as I did.  Now, I am ready to face that and move forward.  Dwelling in the past will not help me grow.  It is time to let go and grow!

The other barrier I have been struggling with is my school work.  I get stuck on the problems and stay stuck for awhile.  Instead of focusing on the problems I will shift my focus to finding the solutions and keep moving forward.


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