Look At How Far You Have Come


I have been feeling so down on myself.  Stressed, overwhelmed, and sometimes depressed.  This is puzzling to me because I do not feel like I have a good reason to be feeling this way.  In my past I probably did have valid reasons.  There was a lot for me to overcome.

I think it could be because I am not used to not struggling.  I have lots of blessings in my life right now.  I do have little stresses here and there, but that is normal when you are taking full-time classes in school and have a new full-time job.  My latest focus these past few weeks has been to not be a complainer and to be a problem solver.  I think I am doing a good job.

I need to establish a healthy routine and do things like get to bed at a decent time.  Make my workouts a priority.  And eat healthy, balanced meals.  My study habits also need improvement.  I need to dedicate more time to my studies and make it a point NOT to procrastinate.

When I feel down and depressed I will take time to reflect and remember how far I have come.

I think with all this in mind, I am ready to have a great week.  Here goes!!!


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