You Can Learn Anything

This year I am back in school after being away for over 8 years.  My mind has been flooded with fears that I am too rusty to learn and understand new concepts.  Throughout my life, I have always been much stronger in art, reading, writing, and literature.  Math, science, and P.E. where not my strengths.

For years I have had this fear that I would not complete my degree and I would be stuck in a J.O.B.  I have decided to face and conquer my fears.  I am studying computer science and taking 12 credits of discrete math, my first quarter back.  In addition, I am a P.E. paraeducator at a local high school.

I never dreamed that I would study math, science, and computers in school.  This math is pushing me way out of my comfort zone and I feel like there is so much that I don’t understand.  This time I won’t give up.

“Who ever you are wherever you are you only have to know one thing.  YOU CAN LEARN ANYTHING.”

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