Everybody Is Somebody

bce0775f23fcb522932571d4d86d8807We are all here on this earth to live our lives and make our mark.

Sometimes it is easy to fall into a pattern, find a track and follow it un-waveringly.  I think it is good to set goals and establish a solid routine, but it is also important to have flexibility in our lives.  Flexibility is stronger and more resilient than rigidity.  There is a lot of value in discipline and establishing habits that will serve us well in our daily lives.  With discipline we are able to stay on track and recognize distractions that come our way.  We can recognize the distractions without allowing them to sweep us off our feet.

If a person is rigid, and inflexible, it is easier for them to be stubborn and stay fixated on a single idea.  When I think of rigidity I think of tension, might, and muscling through things.

I would rather be flexible and move able.  Fluid like water.  Able to roll with the punches.  And be quick on my feet.

No matter what our mission in life, we can make a difference everyday.  The differences we make do not have to be earth-changing or monumental.  We can make a difference by simply smiling and being positive.  Being kind and uplifting to others.

I think it is important for us to be kind to others and build each other up.

The next time you feel stressed or stuck in your head, take a deep breath, smile, and find a way to share kindness and joy with someone.  You could make their day!


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