Beautiful Alleyjandra

This past July my boyfriend got us a new kitten. For as long as I could remember, I have had my heart set on getting a Calico.  We stopped at the animal shelter on the way home, but the kitten there was more aggressive than I wanted.  We wanted to get our black cat Oscar a friend/playmate/companion.  I suggested that we check one more place before we got home.  To our surprise, the pet shop had just gotten a bunch of kittens less than an hour ago.

Christopher immediately saw the kitten that he wanted.  She was grey with stripes and very beautiful, but she was already in the arms of my friend Lisa.  Lisa said that her husband was out of town and she had been stopping by the shop pretty consistently to check and see if there was a kitten to bring home.  I think she was initially very tentative about bringing this kitten home, but Christopher’s decisiveness helped sway her decision and she decided that she was going to bring that kitten to her forever home.  We browsed around a little more and saw a feisty black kitten that was very playful.  For a minute we liked the idea of having two black cats running around our home.  I still thought it would be neat to have two different colored cats in our household.  I believe that life should be colorful and full of variety.

Then we saw her.  We didn’t even notice her our first ten minutes there because she was so tiny and hidden.  She was trying to nurse on one of the other kittens.  The person at the shop thought that our kitten was a boy and said that having a male calico was as common as finding a unicorn.  If it was a girl, I would have named it Javascript (the computer programming language I am learning).  Since we were told that it was a boy we named “him” Alejandro.  Like Lady Gaga’s song.  Christopher and I both like to rock out to Lady Gaga in our spare time.  I was SO EXCITED we were officially new kitten owners and Oscar would have a friend!!!

Alley(cat)jandra’s 1st pic

She was tiny, scrawny, and pretty sickly.  I think that she must have been the runt of her litter.  When we brought her home she was spunky, adorable, and acted fierce hissing at Oscar as he approached her.  She was immediately playful and those two became quick friends.

Right after her 1st bath. Christopher was so gentle she didn’t even mind.
Naptime. Look at that little belly and those spots!
I love her!
Oscar and Alleyjandra. That’s Oscar’s kitten.
My gummy bear

She had an eye infection when we first brought her home so we took her to the vet and that is when we found out that she was a girl.

This little girl has got it goin’ on.  She is not your typical calico with lighter colors she has spots on her belly and stripes everywhere with the sweetest most laid back personality ever.  She lets you pet, snuggle up to her and rub her belly and she is soft as feathers.

She is great company and is always down to rally no matter what hour of the day it is.  She is my study buddy, cuddle buddy, and has such a special place in my heart.  Now she is healthy, strong, and more beautiful that Ever.  I feel blessed to have this beautiful kitten in our life and I am looking forward to the years to come!!!  Xoxoxoxo.

IMG_5535 IMG_5556 IMG_5566 IMG_5602 IMG_5592 IMG_5697 IMG_5912

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