Early is on time.

It is Thursday and the good news is that tomorrow is finally Friday!  Today’s topic is:

“What is the most important lesson you learned as a child, and who taught it to you?”

I have been blessed with many good mentors throughout my life who have given me words of wisdom along the way.  A pearl of wisdom that has stuck with me came from my symphony conductor, my freshman year in high school.

“Early is on time.  On time is late.  Late is Unacceptable.”

I always knew that being on time was important, but Dr. Cobb’s instilled the importance of punctuality into the brains of all of his musicians.  Rehearsal was set at a specific time on Saturday and we were expected to arrive 20 minutes early to tune our instruments and warm-up.  If a student showed up at the start of practice or (heaven forbid) even a minute late, we were expected to stand up in front of the entire symphony and play a challenging excerpt in front of everyone.  If more than one musician was late, they would have to play it together.  This was incentive enough to arrive at rehearsal early and well-prepared.


Sometimes this was challenging for some of the students because they were driven by parents or guardians that were sometimes running behind and bringing them late, but the students would encourage their parents to bring them on time.

A couple months ago, I flipped to the classical channel and guess who was being interviewed and featured?  Hearing my former conductor’s voice brought me back to those early mornings and late nights spent practicing.  My heart filled with joy as I remembered the jubilation of an outstanding performance.  Those concerts made all the hard work, dedication, practice, and calluses worth-it.

These words of wisdom have stuck with me through the years.  I still have days that I get a late start and run behind schedule, but I try to keep those days to a minimum.  I know that when I am late I feel stressed and the rest of my day feels a little more chaotic than it should.  It is an ongoing goal for me to be early and hold myself to a high standard.  

What is a lesson that you learned as a child that has stood the test of time?

Until next time,

Peace, Love, and Blessings,

Alana  Xoxoxo
NaBloPoMo November 2015

4 thoughts on “Early is on time.

  1. Reblogged this on Living Out Loud and commented:

    I know… I need to do a Reblog from today a year ago. This fulfills two purposes. First, I don’t want to miss a post during Nablopomo November. And secondly, it will give me more time to study. Thanks for understanding!

  2. I am the punctuality queen… I’m so punctual I once got rear-ended on the way to a job interview but I was so early I had time to do the whole insurance/accident claim stuff and still arrive at my job interview 10 minutes early 😂

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