“What was the last thing you fixed or built?”

The last thing that I built that I am proud of was a swim team.  I was flattered, excited, and nervous when I accepted the job as head swim coach of a local team.  I had years of teaching and coaching experience at all levels, but I had never been a head swim coach.  This title brought with it a whole new level of responsibility.  I was completely in charge and I could build this team in any way that my heart desired.

I was nervous because it was a new role for me and the last coach had been with the team for 5 years.  I was honored to take her place, but also recognized that I would have big shoes to fill.  I also knew from experience that the swimmers would miss her.  On her last day she kept on talking about how much the kids would miss her and when I asked her if she was going to come visit she said: “probably not because most of them are going to quit when I leave.”  Her remark was hurtful, but I did my best to let it go and try not to take it personally.  That honestly was one of my fears:  that the kids would leave.  I took it as a challenge and wanted to be the best coach that I could possibly be.

I put a lot planning and thought into it and wrote down my goals and objectives as head coach:


I continued the tradition of my coaching journal and planned out every workout ahead of time.  I focused on technique, injury prevention, good sportsmanship and fun.  I also did my best to start every workout with dry-land where we did squats, sit-ups, push-ups, core strength and stretches.  I wanted my swimmers to be strong and multi-faceted as individuals.

swim meet

I loved my swimmers and the time we had together.  It made my day to see their smiling faces.  A highlight of my coaching career was running our first swim meet.  I signed my swimmers up for their events, reserved the pool space, ordered balloons and rubber duckies, got parent support and volunteers, and typed out a heat sheet listing the order of events.  It was extra-special because both of my parents came to watch and support me and my boyfriend (bless his heart) was the announcer/MC of the entire event.  At the end of the swim meet I awarded each swimmer with a personalized certificate and a superhero or mermaid rubber ducky.  To Top it all off, we finished the event 45 minutes ahead of schedule!!!  It definitely was a swim meet/event to remember!


Being head coach of a swim team helped me to learn and grow in many ways.  I never thought that I would give it up.  In fact, I was in the middle of planning our next swim meet when I made the decision to begin a new chapter in my life.  I think my swim team has come up frequently in my blog especially lately because I miss it.  For the past 5 years my life has been fully immersed in and around the swimming pool.  I have coached swim team, taught swim lessons, cleaned and maintained swimming pools, life guarded, and taught the lifeguarding class.  In fact I am still life guarding just in a different capacity.  I know that my skills in and around the pool are solidly strong.  I could stay in the swimming pool, but I do not want to be stuck there.  Swimming is a very practical skill and helping others to learn how to swim is rewarding, but I want to diversify and expand my skills.

The pool deck is my comfort zone.  When I left, I decided it was time for me to leave my comfort zone and challenge myself.  It is honestly Scary.  I have even caught myself depending on coffee and caffeine for energy and coping with junk food, sugar, and lack of exercise.  I know that when I am stressed of overwhelmed I cope with eating.  I have done it in the past and I have been doing it these past three months.  I am making the definite decision right here and now to change.  I know where those habits lead and it is not a path I want to continue on.  I deserve to be healthy, strong, and full of energy.  In order to feel healthy and strong I need to change.

I am more conscious of my choices which is good.  Today I chose green tea with honey even though I really wanted to get a rich and creamy coffee.  So that is a better choice, but I will not leave out the fact that I bought a box of donuts.  I didn’t resist when I could have.  I drove past my dad’s favorite donut shop and I rarely spend much time in this area so I had to stop.  I also could have gotten half a dozen donuts, but I got a full dozen instead.  I feel guilty about it.  I know that my boyfriend and I want to lose weight and get in shape and this box of donuts is not going to help, but I will make it a last time in a long time.  Also, we don’t have to eat all of them.  

Now that I have spent some time reflecting on the last thing I fixed and built; I am going to decide what my next project will be.

MY NEXT PROJECT IS ME.  I want to build a strong and healthy body and a beautiful and intelligent mind.  I have made some good changes like working a job that is full-time and begins earlier in the day.  I am also in school studying computer science.  I want to capitalize on these opportunities to learn.  My boyfriend is currently hard at work and he let me borrow his beloved laptop to study.    Now that I am all caught up with blogging I will dedicate the next few hours to studying, learning, and coding.

What was the last thing that you fixed or built and what is your next project?  I am looking forward to hearing from you!  Thanks for stopping by!

Peace, Love, and Blessings Always,

Alana  Xoxoxo
NaBloPoMo November 2015


3 thoughts on “Team Building… MY NEXT PROJECT IS ME.

  1. I’m also a former swimmer and swim coach in a different phase of life. I think we will always remain addicted to chlorine! I’m now a swim mom and it’s fun to be on this side as well. I still miss coaching though!

    1. It’s great to hear from another swimmer/coach. I think that swimmers are the happiest people. I worked at the front desk of a gym as the opener for awhile and the happiest people were always the swimmers! Thanks for stopping by! xoxo.

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