The Perfect Day

“Describe your ideal day off.  What would you do with your time?”

BeFunky Collage

I fell blessed that I have experiences a handful of perfect days in my life.  I think that my favorite was on my golden birthday last summer.  My family and I were staying at a resort on the Oregon Coast were we had direct beach access.  It was an Absolute dream come true for me to be able to go to the beach as many times as my heart desired.  

On my birthday, I woke up early and walked down to the beach as the sun was rising.  I stuck my flip-flops in my bag and felt the sand between my toes and the chill of ocean waves washing over me.  I could hear the enchanting sound of the ocean.  I spent that walk thinking and reflecting on all that I had gone through and dreaming about my hopes and goals for the future.

On my way back to our suite, I stuck my feet in the jacuzzi to warm up and enjoyed the beautiful view of the beach.  When I got back to our room, my mom told me to quickly get ready.  She had scheduled an appointment for me to go glass blowing.  I was so surprised I have Always wanted to work with glass!  I decided to make a glass starfish.

We drove back to the resort and my mom surprised me with a new dress.  It was the dress that I had tried on with my sister.  It was white and adorned with sugar skulls.  My dad wanted to take us all to lunch so we got into the car and went to a restaurant right on the water.

When we got back from lunch, I decided that I wanted to go down to the beach and dance and play in the water.  It was stormy, my sister and I went anyways.  Running through the sand.  I felt such a strong sense of Joy and euphoria like I was right where I was supposed to be.  My sister took pictures of me.

For dinner, my family made reservations at the Inn at Spanish Head and we got the best seat in the house with a breathtaking view of the beach.

I fell blessed that I can say that I have experienced days that were a dream come true.  I enjoyed that day so much because I was surrounded by my mom, dad, sister, and Grandma Alice.  I was at the beach and I got to learn something new with the glass blowing.  Life is definitely a blessing and an adventure!

What does your perfect day look like?  How would you spend it?  And who would you spend it with?

Have a Wonderful weekend everyone!

Peace, Love, and Blessings Always,

Alana  Xoxo
NaBloPoMo November 2015

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Day

  1. So nice! Now I want to go back and look at all my perfect days. I think the first one which comes to mind is our trip to the central lake region on BC without a bathing suit and raiding the local thrift for appropriate swimming apparel. That was a wonderful day. 😀 Well done you for having such a brilliant record.

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