Why Would I Say No?!?!


My Boyfriend: “I’m going to go get coffee in my pajamas.  Do you want to go with me?”

Me: “Of course!!!  Why would I say no?!?!”

 It was 2:30 in the afternoon and we just got home from lunch.  His favorite thing to do when we get home from anywhere is change into pajama pants. Get comfortable! I have started participating in this custom as well.  Why sit down to study in a pair of form-fitting jeans when you can get cozy in pajama pants.  In my past, I have always been very anti-going out in public in pajama pants and I definitely would not wear them to run errands or go grocery shopping.  But I CAN handle driving through a drive-thru for iced coffees in pajama pants .  That’s acceptable.

It’s the little things that make life interesting, right?!?!  Alright, it is time for me to stop procrastinating and start studying!


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