My Reasons Why

Happy Monday everyone!  Actually we should probably celebrate the fact that Monday is finally coming to a close.  It definitely felt like Monday when the alarm clock went off and I had to pry myself out of bed.  It felt even more like a typical Monday when I realized it was a good thing I got an early start with all the frost on my windshield.  I could feel the affects of Monday already wearing on me first period at school as I tried to resist my desire for coffee.  And after school, it was rainy, cold, and wet and all I wanted to do was come straight home and snuggle up in warm blankets by the fire.  Instead, I ran a necessary errand to get gas, but significantly shortened my errand list.

I sat on the couch and ate one more ice cream sandwich than I should have.  It was evident that it was Monday when I took a long nap that lasted into mid-evening.

Today’s writing prompt asks me to write about something that I would invent.  Honestly, my mind is a little to skewed to concentrate on an invention.  I am still hung up on trying to become more healthy and I feel like my “ice cream sandwich set back on the  couch” was a pretty big set back.  I have ideas about inventions, but I think right now I need to focus on my health  and better habits.

Lately I have noticed that my mind is quick to identify the obstacles and excuses.  It is time for me to train my brain to do new things that will be more beneficial.  I am going to spend this week thinking about the reasons WHY I want to exercise, clean up my nutrition, and have a healthier lifestyle.  I know that there are reasons why I should do all of the above, but I need to identify MY REASONS WHY.

Here is a list of things that I did well today:

  1. I woke up earlier than planned.
  2. I did a strength training workout before work.  It was simple and short, but it is a definite start.
  3. I started oil pulling with coconut oil (the fact that I woke up early and actually had time to do this shows growth since I am usually running late and barely have time to get dressed in the morning.)
  4. I drank a smoothie for breakfast.  (I usually don’t have time for breakfast.
  5. I did not drink coffee today!
  6. I logged most of my food on myfitnesspal.
  7. I shut off Netflix and am getting ready to study!

I will take baby steps and take time to recognize when I do things well.

What did you do well today?

This make this week great, my friends!  Peace, Love, and Blessings,

Alana  Xoxo


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