After I’m Gone…

“What do you hope people will remember about you after your gone.”

After I’m gone…

I hope that people will remember that I was kind.  I was patient.  I was a good listener.  I was trustworthy.  I was positive. I was honest.  I was loveable. I was optimistic. I was realistic. I was a hard worker.  I was happy.  I was smart.  I was strong.  I was a free spirit.  I was beautiful. I was intelligent.  I was artistic.  I was creative.  I was inspirational.  I was unique.  I had integrity.  I was motivated.  I was ambitious.  I was a problem solver.  And that I had integrity.

I hope that my family will see me as a good daughter, good sister, good niece, good granddaughter, good wife good mother.  I hope that they will remember me as a woman who was understanding and uplifting.  I hope that I will be someone who could be comforting and know what to say exactly when they needed to hear it.

I hope that my friends will love and respect me.  That their images of me will be happy, vibrant, colorful and full.

I hope that after I’m gone I will be remembered and will make a difference in the world somehow.


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