If Money Wasn’t An Issue

Where would you want to retire if money wasn’t an issue?

If money was not an issue, I would pay off all my bills and I would retire in Washington and build a cabin on a nearby island.  I think that Washington will always be home and a good home base.  Then I would travel the world and take time to really and truly embrace the culture.

I would take many walks and paint as much as I could.  Blogging and writing about my journey.  Someday I know that this will all come true.

We all must dream BIG and see past the tree tops in our horizon.



5 thoughts on “If Money Wasn’t An Issue

    1. I completely agree. I spent my childhood/highschool years just wanting to get away from here, then I traveled to different states and when I came back I realized that this would always be home. I’m from Olympia. How about you?

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