My “Reasons Why”

I need to solidify my “reasons why” so that I stay focused and on track.  I am starting to see that it is easy to get distracted with computers because the whole world is available to me right at my fingertips all the time.  I get to choose how I will use this tool.

Will I use the word processor to type out an essay or my homework?  Or maybe  I will log onto  my google account to check my email.  I can check up on my friends and family all around the world with social media like Facebook and Instagram.  In addition,  I can video chat with them on skype.  I want to practice and polish my writing skills; I think that I will create a blog and write articles.  I think that I have bright ideas to share with the world and maybe some people can learn from my mistakes.  What is the population of New Zealand?  Let me look that up for you!  

I can easily use the internet to do research from the comfort of my own home.  Or if I need a change of scenery I can take my work with me to a coffee shop.  I need to brush up on my math skills and review Algebra.  I will log on to Khan Academy.  I need to book a hotel.  What is the top-ranked hotel in San Francisco?  I want to learn a computer programming language,  I will follow this tutorial on W3Schools.  I need a good recipe for this year’s turkey.  It will be our 1st Thanksgiving in our new house.  I want to listen to Drake’s new song “Hotline Bling” okay, let’s visit Youtube.  You can also find an instructional video on how to refurbish that desk that you want to spruce up.

Let’s look up my grades on the online website,  I want to make sure that I am on track to graduate.  If I ever wanted to run a half-marathon, how would I train for it?  I guess I can find a training plan online…  I’m bored (or procrastinating) this will be my last round of candy crush (I swear!)

As you can see, the possibilities are endless with computers.  A computer can create your biggest opportunities or it can become a big distraction.  The choice is yours.  Will you try to escape reality by playing games and wasting time or will you challenge yourself to become your best by studying and beautifying your mind?  MAKE A CHOICE and choose wisely!  Your future depends on you and the choices that you make.  This is your story MAKE IT GREAT!!!!

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