You Have The Power

Do The Thing And You Shall Have The Power.”  -Jeff Olson


I was the procrastinating queen throughout the later part of last week and the entire weekend.  I did not feel chaotic or out of sorts like I have so often in the past, but I did feel easily distracted.

I would not consider it a bad week because I felt a sense of peace and self-acceptance that feels different and new.  A sense of self-respect and energy to become my best.  I was happy with the flow of my blog.  I started a workout and word of the day and was posting consistently.  

What has changed? I think I got to the point of feeling fed up with my current state.  I was tired of feeling uneasy, insecure, uncomfortable in my own skin, and inadequate.  I disliked the lack of order in my life and I grew exhausted with the pain I felt in my right foot every time I took a step.  It was time to make some big changes.

I set some goals and got to work.  Last week I cleaned all three bathrooms and cleaned the house before my boyfriend came home.  It was so nice to have a clean house and feel the sense of pride and accomplishment.  I also have decided that it is time that I learn to educate and mentor myself.

In the past,  I always had someone to talk to and turn to for advice.  Whether it was a close friend or family member, personal trainer, massage therapist.  I have spent the past few years gathering information and advice from others.  Recently, I have decided that it is Time for me to find my own voice and wisdom.  This is a huge change and sign of growth.  The fact that I want to take my own growth and success into my own hands is a big responsibility.  I believe that I am ready for it.

I think that my age has also begun to set in.  For some reason, it hit me hard that I am past my mid-twenties and am in my late-twenties, quickly approaching thirty.  That idea has terrified me in the past and it is honestly still scary, but I am going to embrace it.  I have a bunch of opportunities to learn, grow, and come into my own.  

I want to be more so I will DO MORE.  I also have so many blessings and so much to be thankful for.  It is ungrateful of me to spend my days feeling down, distracted, and unworthy of a full and vibrant life.

Yes, a lot of things are different from the way they were before and I ACCEPT THAT.  In the past I used to dwell on it and long for things to “be the way they were.”  Now I am ready to work hard and smart to build a beautiful future.  I know that with the right effort and planning I can create a better life.

I might not have blogged everyday last week.  I did not finish reading an entire book like I had planned.  I did not get even nearly as much studying as I had committed to.  And I am sure that there are other things that I did not do.  But, I DID start exercising and that helped the pain in my foot go away.  I kept the house clean and I cleaned and organized the garage.  I caught up with my dear friend Paige and it was encouraging when she told me that I look healthy and truly happy.  I did not have the house as pristine as I would have liked, but I was so happy to hear all of my boyfriend’s wonderfully good news and he complimented me and said that my workouts are paying off and I have already started getting results.  

This week I NEED to believe in myself and my ability to succeed in school.  I also need to study and put in the work.  That is my current mission.

Life is full of endless blessings.  Just get started, start doing, and YOU WILL HAVE THE POWER.

What is the task that you have been avoiding?  What must you do to have the power?  What ever it is, YOU CAN DO IT!!!  Just get started!  I believe in you!

We are in this together!  Love and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo



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