Tonight, We Feast. Tomorrow, We Jog

This is an excellent article that reminds us not to take the entire holiday season off from our workout. Instead, think of it as “off-season”, but don’t give it up completely!


“It’s the holidays!” The magical time of year filled with chillier temps, holiday parties, festive decorating, Christmas shopping, baking, platters of delicious foods, cozy date nights sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace… and a dwindling workout routine. Haven’t worked up a sweat in a bit? Forgotten about your running shoes ditched in the corner? It’s easy to simply throw up your hands, shrug and say “it’s the holidays!”

But you don’t have to completely abandon your workout routine altogether. Instead, adjust it. Check out the following tips for working out during this stressful and busy season. Because your running shoes deserve love and attention during the happiest time of year too.

Be Flexible

Fitness expert Shirley Archer, author of “Fitness 9 to 5” and “Weight Training for Dummies,” recommends approaching the holiday season as a time for maintenance. Avoid setting new goals or trying to be ambitious. You can also…

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