Run It!

I have been feeling so down on myself and my body lately.  I know that running does wonders for my mind and body so I am going to go out and do that. I won’t worry about speed.  I won’t worry about how I look.  I will just run and be happy.

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Last Monday of 2015

As you all know, today is the last Monday in 2015.  Being able to sleep in this morning was such a nice touch.  I think that there are some perks to being a high school teacher and maybe those early mornings are worth-it afterall… We shall see how I feel next Monday… A year ago […]

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It’s A Long Road…

I have been spending the past few days observing myself… My habits and the ways that I react and respond in different situations.  People often say that you should “Know Thyself.”  I want to know myself  so that I can strengthen my weaknesses and capitalize on my strengths. It has been a long road…  My […]

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My 3 Year Journey

Today is my 3 year journey of blogging!!!  I started this blog in 2012 and have written off and on ever since then…  2012 was a tumultuous year full of so many ups and downs.  It was the year that I learned to feel, love, and experience joy.  I also experienced sever heartbreak after my […]

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Holiday Cheer from Last Year

  Some of my most favorite memories took place on a Saturday a year ago…  I started my day with a Zumba Christmas dance party with my favorite instructors, Lisa, Rebecca, and Nicole.  These ladies have seen me throughout my dance/instructor journey and have helped me learn and grow so much through dance and fitness. […]

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What Seems Impossible IS Possible

This not only applies to workouts and athletics it applies to life. This quote gives me hope especially as I am back in school  and struggling to understand various concepts.  When I review all that I have studied everything sounds familiar and I remember studying each concept in depth and being able to eventually solve […]

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