Hello December

eac36725e2cd64f84016a84aaa48fe9aAnd just like that, the whole year has gone by and we have reached December.

I am in a different place from where I was a year ago and thank goodness that I am!  I think one of my Best revelations / lessons learned this year was that “change is a great thing.”  I used to fear change and if I am honest with myself I think that I still do, but if things never changed then everything would stay the same.

That may not sound too bad especially if things are going well.  What sounds more desirable?

You wake up in the morning and go to the same job, see the same people, workout at the same gym.  You do not venture out very far and you don’t take risks because they are not worth the loss.  You stick with what is tried and true for you.


You wake up quickly ready to take on the world.  You make it a point to challenge yourself every day and learn something new.  You take big calculated risks.  You may move around a little and switch jobs and not everything goes your way, but you learn from your experiences and keep moving forward.  You make sacrifices and dedicate yourself to becoming your very best.

Which lifestyle sounds better to you?  I don’t think that either one is wrong and there is value in both ways, but I think I am gravitating towards the second lifestyle.  Big risks, challenges, and lots of growth.  I don’t think this way of life is the easiest and I have felt myself falling into a little bit of a winter blues.  That usually happens when I over think things, skip my workout, worry, and eat too much junk food.

Here are my December Goals:

  1. Study Smart- I want to make sure that I am spending enough consistent and focused time on my studies.  Last month I realized and got myself to admit to the fact that I am easily distracted.  It is time for me to develop some new habits.
  2. Stay Active- I always feel best when I am active and eating healthy food.  I used to work at a gym where I was constantly moving and staying active.  I taught swim lessons and coached swim team.  Now, I have more of a sedentary lifestyle especially since I am studying computers.  I will make it a point to make time for me.  I am currently shopping around for a potential gym.  Wish me luck on my search!
  3. Make Better Choices- This goes back to staying focused on the right things.  And making sacrifices and choices that will move me forward with my life.  A better life is a choice!
  4. Stay Present -I have spent too much time living in my past and sometimes in fear of a future that doesn’t even exist.  Time for me to change that!
  5. Plan Ahead, Prepare, and Set goals!

I think for now these 5 goals will be enough to keep me busy.  What are your goals for December?  I would love to hear them.  Also, What is one thing that you want to happen before 2015 ends?

Have a Wonderful weekend everyone!!!  

Peace, Love, and Blessings Always,

Alana  Xoxoxo.


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