Act Don’t React

IMG_6094The next time that I feel stressed, I will take  some deep breaths and get moving.  I might do a couple of jumping jacks, go for a walk, play with my kitties, or breathe through some sun salutations.  I will just do something.

The next time that negative thoughts flood my mind, I will count my blessings.  I have had a tendency of thinking more negatively and worrying about everything that could go wrong.  This kind of thinking is toxic and will hold me back.  I want to keep growing and move forward.

The next time that someone disrespects me or hurts my feelings, I will stand up for myself.  I can be respectful in the way that I approach the issue, but feeling bad and internalizing it will not fix anything.

The next time that I feel depressed and stuck.  I will do the opposite of what I feel like doing.  Now and then we all need a little push.  I used to have friends that I could text who would give me words of advice and inspiration/motivation.  The time has come for me to motivate myself.

The next time I feel like I cannot do something.  I will get started and do what I can.  If I get lost I will ask someone or “google it.”  There is no real excuse for being lost anymore.  We have a world of advice and ideas at our fingertips with technology.

The next time I feel overwhelmed or intimidated, I will write a list and start checking completed tasks off my list.  Sometimes it helps to include simple tasks like fixing the bed.  Writing and lists are a great way to provide a visual for progress.

The next time I feel fat, ugly, uncomfortable in my skin or not good enough; I will do something nice for myself.  Make a cup of tea, run a bubble bath, dance, go for a swim, paint my toenails, journal, do my makeup/hair.  It doesn’t have to cost a dime sometime it just takes some time.

Act Don’t React, my friends.



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