Gingerbread and Sparkly Sugar Cookies

It was not a summer bbq or a housewarming party not even a birthday party…  7 months later I finally hosted my 1st social at our 1st house.  I invited my sister and my closest friends to come over and make Christmas cookies!  I have always wanted to do this and it was a perfect way to get into the holiday spirit and reconnect with my friends.

I honestly get pretty anxious when it comes to gatherings and I do not have a lot of practice hosting my own parties, but I think this went really well especially with the help of my sister.  

I was super excited about the idea of making Christmas cookies with my friends, but the preparation somewhat overwhelmed me.  What kind of cookies would I make?  Which recipe should I use?  Cocktails or no cocktails???  You know, the important things that people think about.  

I started with a decision.  I decided that I would make sugar cookie dough and also gingerbread then I chose recipes and the fun began.  My sister and I had a blast shopping for the ingredients.  I finally settled on hot chocolate with rainbow colored marshmallows.

My friends arrived and we had a Marvelous time!!!  

The Decorations 

I also like it because it gave me a chance to clean quickly and spruce up our home.  I am getting better at cleaning quickly and efficiently.

My friend Paige and I getting ready to decorate!
My sister Aunya and Paige with the naked cookies ready and waiting to be adorned.
A true cookie celebration!  Such a blast to decorate these.
Mica and I so proud of our creations!
Super cute cookies in beautiful cookie boxes

I am so glad that I did not let my nervousness get the best of me.  I have done it before where I make plans then I cancel them or opt out because I am so nervous.  I never want my nervousness to get in the way of making beautifully unforgettable memories.

The best memories are made of sugar cookies and gingerbread, right?  

I will feature my recipes on an upcoming blog post if you like.

Have you baked your Christmas cookies yet?  What is your favorite recipe or do you have a special holiday project that you like to do each year?

Peace, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana  Xoxoxo

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