What Seems Impossible IS Possible

cb7662110ae5f5fa5d5468c78cfb76abThis not only applies to workouts and athletics it applies to life.

This quote gives me hope especially as I am back in school  and struggling to understand various concepts.  When I review all that I have studied everything sounds familiar and I remember studying each concept in depth and being able to eventually solve the problems.

Now I need to work on making it all stick to my mind.  That is how I will know that I understand it all.  It is a process that takes time and practice… I just need to keep on studying and ask questions when I do not understand.  Before long, it will all make sense and these giant towers of problems will be a part of my foundation on which to build.

I do not want my knowledge to be rickety and full of holes only vaguely recognizing that concepts exist…  I want to be solid and have a clear and thorough understanding of everything that I am learning.  I want to establish a habit of learning, understanding, and remembering everything that I study.

It gives me hope to know that one day this will be my warm-up and that I will evolve from where I am right now as long as I keep going and never give up.


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