It Is Doing Wonders For My Waistline And My Pearly Whites


I have been drinking a lot less coffee.  From September through December it felt like coffee was a necessity for my existence.  I didn’t feel right until I had my cup of joe.  I toyed with the idea of giving up coffee a few times (I have done it before and when I get over the initial first two tired days then I feel dandy), but never followed through.  

It kind of just happened.  I think with the holidays and the added expense of gifts I decided to just give it up one day…  I have also started adding green smoothies to my daily life.  I try to make one for breakfast, a smoothie when I get home, and a protein smoothie after I work out.

Another positive change in my life is that I have started working out again and it feels great!  

I have noticed the difference in my smile these past two weeks.  For awhile I was concerned about these deep set stains on my teeth.  I have been consistent with my flossing, brushing, and rinsing, but nothing was helping those stains to let up.  Now those stains have started to disappear and I think it is because I am drinking a lot less coffee.  Drinking less coffee is also good because it is cutting down on my sugar/calorie intake.  I swear I have a sugar addiction that needs to be dealt with.

I think that coffee is a wonderful thing and I love all the holiday drinks that are everywhere this time of year especially White Chocolate Peppermint Mochas.  If you are going to drink coffee, americano is a good way to go.  You get just as much caffeine with less calories and it is kinder on your wallet.  If you are craving flavor you can always add your normal flavor with cream.

I am drinking way less coffee (I don’t want to say that I am completely giving up coffee so I don’t set unrealistic expectations for my self), but I am still drinking tea.  Mainly green tea.

I love how little changes can make a BIG difference!

What are small changes that you have made in your life that have made a big difference?

Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

Peace, Love, and Joy,

Alana Xoxoxo

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